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IT starts with working with the right people for the right causes.

In 2020, we entered a new reality in which we had to move rapidly. However, we care about how we move. IT starts with sustainable digital transformations, business continuity and future-proof results. IT starts with great synergies between our teams and customers.

With the best people and technologies at hand, we’re here to shape your digital transformation. Think big with us. Let’s create impact together.


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Wunderdog is a digital transformation agency with a vision for a better tomorrow.

We develop, deliver and mentor.

Here’s how:

Software development
Delivering high-quality digital products & services that last.

Business Design
Developing, testing and creating concepts for new businesses.

Service and Product Design
Creating easy-to-use interfaces that generate great user experiences.

Customer Experience / Strategy support
Building better overall digital experiences for end users and purposeful businesses.

Infrastructure and Process Assessment
Evaluating the status quo of teams, technical landscapes and services in use, we map the first steps to drive your business into the right direction.

Unleash your digital potential with us.

Together with our customers, we shape the world for the better. See some of our selected projects:


SOMETURVA - Bullying in social media needs to stop.

Together with Someturva we created an application that helps victims of social media bullying report harassment and crimes they faced online. IT starts by taking action.

of youngsters are more vulnerable during Covid times due to high usage of social media.
of social media users have been cyberbullied or harassed online.
teen victims will inform a parent or trusted adult of their abuse.
of young people believe social media companies should be doing more to tackle cyberbullying on their platforms.
Mental health Wunderdog

MIELI - Mental health should never be taken for granted.

We got the chance to help MIELI create a new mental health crisis report system from scratch. The reports help gather official data –i.e. if there’s an increase in phone calls to crisis support after an incident. IT starts with taking care of our mental health.

Finns took a +9 day sick leave due to mental health issues in 2019
The amount of mental health disability within young adults has increased from 2005 to 2015
Of retired pensioners are prone to suffer from depression
Tulka app by Wunderdog

TÚLKA - Overcome the language barrier.

Every stranger we come across is a potential friend we don't know yet. Language is the first step for understanding each other better. We made sure language barriers no longer impede communication by helping Túlka build their interpreting app. IT starts with understanding each other.

of European employers say they need to use at least one foreign language at work regularly
44% of English-speaking professionals think miscommunication causes delays or failure to complete projects.

We create impact.

At Wunderdog we care about the digital services that we offer as much as the impact they have on our societies.  We keep IT human: this is why we have a people-first culture and we use technology as an enabler for a better future.

Quick wins:

  • Better performing Software

  • Roadmap of your digital transformation

  • Agile methodologies

  • Internalised services and know-how

Long-term wins:

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Control over your own infrastructure

  • Agile structure, mindset and teams in your business

  • Measurable success metrics

  • Reduction of external resources

  • Modern tech stack implementation

  • Upgraded positioning in the hiring market

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