A Digital Audio Guide for the Ateneum Museum

Ateneum (images: Finnish National Gallery / Iisa Smeds)
Using the Ateneum audio guide

The Ateneum, Finland's best-known art museum and one of the three Finnish National Gallery museums wanted to elevate its visitor experience with a modern, digital solution.

Teaming up with Wunderdog, Ateneum sought to change the way visitors interact with art, using their mobile devices as audio guides. Embracing the power of technology, the collaboration aimed to create a seamless, accessible, and memorable museum experience.

Diving into the project with the problem and end-user first

Digital guides are taking the stage from traditional audio guides, adding value to visitors while providing a safe way for customers to engage with the art pieces using their mobile devices. They can also provide valuable insights about museum-goers. Together, we started exploring this concept.

With a strong focus on the end user, Wunderdog and Ateneum began by understanding the priorities and essential features of the solution. The project started with a thorough Discovery phase to map out the customer needs and expectations. User involvement was a key aspect of every stage of the project, ensuring an intuitive customer experience.

As a team, Wunderdog and Ateneum worked to identify a solution that provided the essential features mapped in the Discovery phase, also fitting the desired budget and timeline. The result is a simple, yet memorable customer experience.

An accessible audio guide on your mobile device

To provide a cutting-edge digital experience to Ateneum visitors, Wunderdog crafted the Ateneum Audio Guide ("Museokävijän ääniopas"), a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that provides visitors with an accessible and mobile-optimized info package about each art piece.

Using QR codes located next to the exhibits, visitors can effortlessly access and control the guide via their own mobile devices. The solution adheres to international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) A and AA conformance levels, ensuring inclusivity for all visitors.

The art of user-centric problem solving

Wunderdog's approach revolves around clearly identifying the problem before exploring solutions. The work starts by aligning on joint priorities and thinking about the best ways to achieve these joint goals. With a focus on usability, simplicity, and comprehensibility, we ensure an intuitive user experience.

In the Ateneum case, this joint scoping, user-centric planning, and extensive user testing ensured the quality of work while keeping close tabs on the budget.

As the Ateneum Museum unveils its newly improved experience, Wunderdog eagerly anticipates witnessing how visitors embrace the new guide. Have you already visited the reopened Ateneum Museum and explored the future of art engagement with the Ateneum Audio Guide?