Our people and the environment - that's what really matters

IT starts in 2020, when the unpredictable turned our tables upside down and taught us an important lesson. In which we realized the things we took for granted might not be there in the future. In which “care” became the word of the year. In which we had to look at our present to understand which future we’re heading to, and in which side of history we want to be. #ITstartswithastep

Social responsibility

In Wunderdog’s early years we crafted our culture manifesto, the basis for everything we do. All people working for Wunderdog are committed to treating every individual with respect and dignity. We stand for a physically safe environment and equal treatment for every individual. Thus, we work continuously to improve our employees’ well-being and drive change. We are granted the MIELI ry (Finnish Mental Health Association) mind-friendly workplace label meaning we fully commit to making Wunderdog a safe and mental health friendly workplace.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Wunderdog promotes diversity, equity and inclusion and we have a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of discrimination and harrassment. We participate in movements such as Women in Tech, Net4Tec and ITclusive and are a supporting member of Inklusiiv to help close the gender gap, increase minority representation at work and make technology accessible to everybody.


In the beginning of 2020, we took our environmental sustainability under scrutiny and realized there’s always work to be done. Our first step was to join the WWF Green Office environmental management system, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and using natural resources sustainably (e.g. reducing flights between offices and offering vegetarian food in our events). We started using Evergreen as a way for team members to give recognition to colleagues in the form of virtual seeds used to plant real trees.

The people and the environment around us matter. Taking good care of them is our duty as a company committed to our present and future.