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Sharing our knowledge is at the core of our operations. Over the years of consulting, we've learned to recognise important topics that require attention at our clients'. Some of the themes are bigger entities and require time dedicated to diving deeper into them - more than we have to share our knowledge at a regular customer project.

Here are few important topics that we've packed into compact training sessions. Remote or not, we can help you broaden your skills to meet the needs of the constantly changing digital world.

TypeScript: The Fundamentals

This is a TypeScript session for developers who have experience from other programming languages and want to learn TypeScript.

In this session, you will learn the fundamentals of TypeScript, understand the design principles of the language, and learn ways to increase your productivity.

This is a half-day workshop with hands-on coding exercises.

TypeScript: Advanced Topics

This is an Advanced TypeScript session for developers who have previous experience with TypeScript and want to master the language and its type system.

In this session, you will get to know Typescript beyond the basics. We will also unfold the quirks of the language.

This is a half-day workshop with hands-on coding exercises.

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Developing Microservices and Distributed Architectures.

This is a holistic session on how to develop microservices and how to manage the complexity of distributed architectures for developers who already understand the basics of API development. We will use TypeScript in the hands-on exercises.

In this session, you will learn how to develop scalable, robust, and secure microservices. We will also cover how to create a resilient distributed architecture that is built from small independent microservices.

This is a two-day workshop with hands-on coding exercises

From Idea to validated prototype using Design Sprint.

This session is for everyone interested in learning how to use different design thinking methods for building digital products.

In this session, you will learn how to use the Google Ventures Design Sprint -method to ideate, prototype and validate your hypothesis for a digital product.

This is a one-day workshop where we simulate the one-week design sprint into one single day with exercises.

The fundamentals of a successful software project.

This training is designed for anyone who is interested in understanding the fundamentals of how to manage a software project successfully. 

You will learn the basic concepts, roles, processes, and constraints that play a critical role in succeeding in software development projects.  

This is a half-day training with exercises done in pairs.

You can also directly email us to hello@wunderdog.fi for further details about our trainings. We're happy to answer any questions and tailor our offering according to your needs!