Wundernut vol. 11: Star Trek edition

Congratulations for cracking the nut!

After careful review, our Wunderdog jury has picked the Wundernut: Star Trek Edition winners! Their solutions, chosen according to code quality metrics, can be found from the links below:

1st place: Mikko Kouhia (see the solution)

2nd place: Timo Friman (see the solution)

3rd place: Antti Lehtonen (see the solution)

The solutions were evaluated based on extensibility, readability, maintainability, clarity, efficiency and documentation.

Who's behind the jury?

  • Ari Paasonen, senior software developer.

  • Mikko Vuorinen, senior software developer.

  • Jussi Kinnula, senior software developer.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to all participants.

Did you enjoy solving the Wundernut?

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